Tips for a Successful Home Showing

If you’re planning to list your house, you’ll want to make a good first impression on potential homebuyers. Here are a few steps to get your home show ready.

Clean and Purge — Start by ridding your space of excess clutter. Shoe piles in the mudroom and stacks of mail on the table have to go. Give your home a good cleaning and be sure to make extra room in closets, garages and other spaces so potential buyers will feel like there’s plenty of storage in your home.

Spruce Up the Decor — If your home is full of distinct colors and furnishings, neutralize things a bit with earth tones. Now’s the time to remove family photos and other personal items as well. A toned-down space will let buyers focus on the home rather than your taste.

Boost Curb Appeal — Freshen up landscaping by trimming bushes and filling in bare spots in the lawn. Make sure to extend your efforts to the entry. Update hardware, add a few colorful potted plants and roll out a fresh new doormat.

Make Minor Repairs — Small replacement projects like installing a new front door or garage door are cost-effective ways to boost home value. Even small tweaks like replacing the faucet and cabinet pulls in your kitchen, for instance, can enhance the feel of the room.

If you start now, preparing your home won’t be overwhelming. It can go a long way to attracting buyers, and you may even enjoy a quick sale.

Bill Asta, Senior Loan Officer, Radius Financial Services

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